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January 17th, 2014

Date with a brogrammer

Yesterday a coworker who I generally like had over the founder of a local
Python meetup group to have lunch with us. I tried to keep an open mind about
this guy, who I will refer to as Business Logic, but there were a few things
he said that gave me pause. At the time I held my tongue, for fear of
embarrassing my coworker. But I kind of regret that now--I just hope my
coworker, who I think seems like a good guy, was silently embarrassed by this
guy anyways.

The main thing that got under my skin was when we were discussing ideas to
bring more people in to a little programming contest. Business Logic's
grand idea, which I know was just a joke--but one that he very pointedly made
after the one woman in our lunch group left the table--was to offer a "date
with a supermodel" as the prize for the contest. I was really about to lose
my shit but I just gritted my teeth and pretended not to hear anything. This
guy was just such a dorky shit--think Revenge of the Nerds, but worse.

I was going to rant on and on about what a stupid and exclusionary and
pathetic idea that is, but I would just be preaching to the choir here I
think. Maybe I will still do that later, but I need to get some work done.
If anyone is curious I can offer further details on what hanging out with
this dudebro was like :/

But if that's the kind of guy who founded this meetup, I don't think
I will be participating in it. Or will I? Maybe I should take it over and
make it into not such a white sausagefest. Or perhaps start my own that
actually gives a shit about diversity and not turning sensible people the fuck



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