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January 27th, 2014

Half starts

Today consisted of trying to get several things done for myself that needed doing, making progress, but getting foiled halfway through.

The first was an attempt to socialize--I made a new friend via OKCupid last week. Seems like a really neat person; there are a few areas I'm thinking we might disagree on but we'll see. Very pretty too. Lots of piercings. I met her only once in person so that's certainly not enough to make an informed judgment on, but she really didn't strike me as flakey. She has a lot of experience running businesses and serving customers and had an air of responsibility. We made a date to play DDR together since she actually knows where an honest to god arcade machine is, and also has access to free play on it. She even texted me to confirm just a little before. But I waited and hour and a half for her (and played a couple games of DDR, poorly (I had forgotten how unforgiving the arcade machines are versus the default settings for home play)) before finally giving up.

Turns out she was all ready to go but, as she explained, she lied down on her bed for a few minutes and basically just blacked out for several hours. I'm kinda side-eyeing the whole thing but still trying to think the best. Hopefully it's just a one-time thing. If it becomes a pattern, well, forget it. Already been through enough of that with Taylor.

Next up: My long put off project to fix my micro-USB car charger. The USB connector had just come loose and the wires were a little frayed. I had intended to just snip the thing and re-solder the wires. But that damn little USB connector was so tightly molded into the rubbery plastic around it that I couldn't get it apart without destroying it. A new connector from Radio Shack will do it, but being Sunday they were already closed by the time I got to this point.

Third: I've been waiting more than two weeks to replace the fan in my laptop which is *completely* busted. The bearings are bad and it can't get going at all, resulting in a "Fan Error" from the BIOS when I try to boot. No big deal in general, but when I finally pried up the heat sink I found that the southbridge chip had a fat heat pad under it. It's probably just there for dimensional reasons, but I'm not going to argue with Lenovo, assume it's there for a reason, and not take my chances with thermal paste on that chip. I can pick up a thermal pad at Micro Center tomorrow, but otherwise foiled again.

Finally, after all my other projects were thwarted mid-way, I decided to brew a batch of beer I've been meaning to do for a while. I cleaned up the kitchen, got through sterilizing all the equipment, and was about to start measuring out ingredients when I realized that my yeast was nowhere to be found. It's just dry yeast in a little packet, and I searched up and down for the damn thing but it has vanished; probably a victim of cleaning/reorganizing in the basement. So...I put in an order for more yeast and declared the day a failure.



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