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...I think people should lay off Sarah Palin a bit. That's not to say that she doesn't have responsibility for promoting eliminationist rhetoric to a large audience. And there is of course the now infamous crosshairs map, which I was angry about when it first came out. It's just that while this was a right wing politically motivated killing, there's no evidence (yet) that the shooter(s) took any cues from Palin. And while Palin has used eliminationist rhetoric, she is far from the first or the most egregious offender.

Take, for example, her own challenger for her congressional seat: He posted frequently holding M16s and other automatic rifles. Granted, he was a combat veteran, but most of these photos were not in that context. He was still a gun nut and a violence lover, no doubt. He held campaign events at shooting ranges--target practice. I can't recall if this was one of his events in particular, but I do remember reports of a political rally where attendees were shooting targets of their opponent's face.

And then there's Sharron Angle of Arizona's neighbor Nevada who coined the famous phrase "Second Amendment remedies" to our political problems. And there are many far worse examples, predating even the election of Barack Obama (though they've increased since then).

My point is not that Sarah Palin doesn't have some culpability here. Just that I see no reason to single her out, other than her being a high-profile "target" herself. And I have to disagree with those calling for her "career" to be over. First of all, what "career"? Second of all, I still want her to run for President and win the Republican nomination. I don't think that's likely to happen either way, but god wouldn't it be hilarious?



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